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I was already a regular gym-goer with a background in fitness when I started working with Elevate Sports Performance. I had started to compete in powerlifting and decided that I needed to take my training to the next level and have a more focused plan. I started working with Danny and Serhat in January of 2017 and was able to qualify and compete at provincials by July of that year. I landed a 3rd pace finish at provincials and qualified for the western regional competition. Due to an injury on my left hip I was not able to compete in regionals in 2017, but with the help of Danny and Serhat I was able to recover well and continue training and was able to compete at a high level in western regionals this year - finishing fourth in western Canada and lifting a total score that qualified me for nationals 2019.


Currently my training is focused on Olympic weightlifting with my first competition planned for February 2019. I love the style of coaching I receive with Elevate Sports Performance. It is always well thought out with solid research and reasoning behind it. My coaches have never failed to answer "why" when I ask about what we are doing in training and they continue to further their own education to bring more training strategies to the table. They go above and beyond just my training sessions with them and have attended and coached me at my competitions which are full day events. I love that I continue to see progress working with them and the programming is consistent and progressive. Working with Elevate Sports Performance has honestly been the best value for training dollars I have ever spent!

- Tracy

- Joanne

Danny Diaz has been my trainer since the spring of 2014. I have only good things to say about my experience with Danny and Elevate Sports Performance. As a professional curler, my fitness level has helped me contribute to my team's success. The progress that I've made with Danny over the course of the last 4+ years helped me compete at the highest level in my sport. I've always been so impressed with Danny's attention to detail and intensity. With little knowledge of my sport, he did his homework in order to come up with training plans that gave me the results I needed to become the best sweeper possible. He's open to feedback and has tailored my training to help keep me at the top of my game. In my opinion, what sets Danny apart from other trainers goes beyond his professionalism and commitment to providing the best quality of training possible. Danny's people-skills are incredible - he gets to know his clients so well and truly cares about their fitness journey. I was amazed at how fast Danny was able to figure out when "no means no" vs when "no means... actually you just need to make me do this... (planks, for example)". He's very motivating and has pushed me to a level I never saw for myself. At the same time, he's always been great at monitoring my energy levels and ensuring that my workouts don't put me at risk for injury.

I started working out with Elevate Sports Perfprmance over 2 years ago. It was truly the best decision I ever made for my mental and physical health. Before joining Elevate, I was with another fitness organization. I enjoyed what I was doing, but it was the coaching from Danny and Sehat that influenced me moving to join Elevate.  Looking back now I am 100% confident I made the right choice. When I first started working with Danny and Serhat I honestly thought I was lifting and moving properly. I quickly learned that although I had a good start, there was so much more to learn. With Danny and Serhat my technique, mobility and lifting have improved tremendously. Danny and Serhat are the most educated, knowledgeable and thorough coaches I have ever worked with, The small tweaks and cues they give while you are lifting make all the difference.

Movements become easier and safer. I have become stronger and more confident in my time working with them. I was always afraid of adding weight when lifting, but with Danny and Serhat I feel confident in what I am doing.Classes with Elevate are always fun, enjoyable and the time goes by so quickly!  They kick your butt and when you are done you feel so proud of what you can do.


I love how their classes are programmed and movements can always be modified to suit what you need as an individual.  Coaches are always watching you to ensure you are performing properly, and as they get to know each client individually, they get to know how you move and what corrections need to be made.  Proper movement and mobility are always a focus in each class. I also love how there is a variety of classes to choose from! I love the variety of classes that Elevate offers.  I can choose between an Edge class, Conditioning, Power Lifting or Olympic Lifting. Since working with Elevate I have gained confidence in my movements, am lifting heavier, have increased my cardiovascular endurance and seen changes in my body composition. The coaches at Elevate are there to celebrate every victory with you. I have so much pride when I can increase my weights or there is a change in a movement to improve on a lift.  They really take the time to get to know you and your goals. 


I always enjoyed going to the gym, but with Elevate I look forward to classes, seeing what challenges there will be and knowing I will come away sweaty and smiling.For anyone looking for a change in their current gym routine, or looking to start at the gym, I highly recommend coming to work with a coach at Elevate. Danny and Serhat have truly changed how I view working out, their passion for what they do is contagious and I always learn something new when working with them. I have recently had the opportunity to work one on one for power lifting and this has brought my training to a whole new level. Working one on one with a coach who personally programs for you is an excellent way to increase your strength or work on whatever your goals may be. Danny and Serhat take the time to identify your goals so they ensure it is tailored to you. No matter what your fitness level is, I highly recommend trying out Elevate Sports Performance. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned athlete, they will work with you to reach your full potential.  

- Kim

I retired from a job where I either sat behind a desk or a steering wheel for many hours at a time. Since I had never been to a gym to work out prior to retirement, I decided that it was time to be more active and as a result I joined my local sports gym. To be honest it did not work out as expected when I joined the gym as I found I didn't know how to lift, bend or even breath properly! 

Thankfully enough, my step daughter purchased some training sessions with Danny and I have been training with him and his staff ever since. Our Family is now three generations training with Danny and his team.


My biggest issue still is proper breathing while performing different movements. Danny has helped me significantly with his ability to teach proper form, technique, and pushes me to do more every time. All while doing this, Danny focuses completely on my abilities to ensure that I am moving properly. Training with Danny was by far once of the best decisions I made when it comes to my physical health.

I honestly believe that Danny and this team are the best at what they do and I strongly recommend them for whatever your fitness needs are. I am confident that they will exceed your expectations. 

- Eric 

The facility exceeded our expectations, especially under the COVID circumstances. We were impressed by the measures and regulations implemented to ensure everyone's safety and yet still support health and exercise needs.


Elevate Sports Performance has phenomenal trainers - professional, knowledgeable, motivational and provide an exceptional experience for our family.

                                                                       - Candace  

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