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Sports differ widely in the levels of agility, speed, aerobic endurance, strength, power, flexibility, balance, and coordination required to excel. A strength and conditioning program should prioritize the importance of each of these athletic qualities and adjust the time dedicated to improving each of them accordingly. Also, an understanding of the metabolic demands imposed by the sport and the biomechanics of every task executed by the athlete is necessary. Our strength and conditioning programs take these factors into account when designing programs for individual athletes.


Age, maturation, body composition, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, state of heat acclimation, nutritional status, and psychological and emotional condition should all be considered when designing programs for different populations. In addition, the individual’s current medical status will also be addressed. Conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure as well as orthopedic concerns are also be factored into our exercise prescription.


Consists of 2 different phases. The goal of the first phase is to gain strength and power. During this phase, it is the prime time to build functional muscle, gain weight, and get your body used to a heavier carrying load. This is when you should push your body beyond your limits. Workouts will be longer (90-120 minutes). Training during this phase can be the time to address any physical imbalances inherent in your sport.


            The second phase of the off-season will start 6 weeks prior to your new season. The general purpose of this phase will be to prepare athletes for the demands of their specific sport. In this phase we will focus on 2 things: 1) increase specificity of the work outs. For example, during the first phase, you developed some powerful lift derivatives. Now, during the second phase, we will focus on sport specific acceleration drills and cutting-edge footwork 2) Get your cardiovascular system ready for play.

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